Why Nuteak Synthetic Teak?

The Nuteak difference brings beauty and durability to your boat’s decking.

There’s a reason why the rich look of teak is so sought after by boat owners. Its unique look and feel set your boat apart. But the labor and expensive maintenance required to keep real teak looking its best has sent more than one boat owner scrambling for alternatives. With Nuteak, the solution is finally here.

Nuteak offers the beauty of real teak combined with the durability of a high-quality synthetic deck. No more expensive maintenance. No concerns about fake-looking alternatives. Nuteak looks so much like real teak that even your friends will be fooled. It won’t crack, fade, peel or split. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water, and even withstand a power wash (for those particularly stubborn stains that always seem to accompany life on the water). Scratches and nicks that would require hours of repair on a wood deck can be simply sanded and buffed away.

When it comes to providing high-quality synthetic marine flooring, Nuteak is unmatched in its durability, strength, and authentic teak look. But don’t take our word for it . . . hundreds of satisfied customers across the world agree.

Nuteak lets you have the elegant look of teak and still use your boat to the fullest without worrying about expensive upkeep and cleaning problems. And unlike cheaper synthetics or teak overlays, the color and finish in Nuteak goes all the way through (even the caulking), letting you sand it or pressure wash it without worrying about damaging its appearance.

Whether you use your boat for fishing, entertaining, waterskiing, diving, or just enjoying the water, this highly durable product can take whatever you throw at it. Here are just a few reasons why people have chosen Nuteak in the past:

  • NuTeak makes maintenance a breeze. You’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your boat and less time cleaning it.
  • Nuteak won’t fade over time, but instead gets darker—with a look like well cared-for, oiled teak material.
  • Clean-up is easy, and can usually be accomplished with just soap and water.
  • Less maintenance with Nuteak means less money spent on costly repairs.
  • Safety. NuTeak is non-slip wet or dry, which will make both you and your insurance company happy.
  • Though wood and wood laminates are highly sensitive to the effects of sun and weather damage, Nuteak will never crack, split, peel or fade.
  • Nuteak maintains its beauty and color year after year and comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • Nuteak is comfortable to walk on and safe from the hazards of splinters, chips or other damage than can be painful to bare feet.
  • Nuteak does not contribute to the wide scale deforestation of teak trees.
  • Nuteak is lighter than real wood teak, which means less overall wear and tear on your boat’s engine.

With so many advantages over both real teak and lower-quality alternatives, the real question isn’t “Why Nuteak?” but “Why have I waited so long to enjoy the Nuteak advantage?” Don’t spend another moment on inferior imitations or expensive wood decking.

Contact your local Nuteak distributor today and enjoy the unparalleled beauty, luxury, and construction of Nuteak.