Lasting color that won’t fade over time

Your friends won’t be able to tell the difference between your Nuteak deck and real teak

You love the rich, natural color of real teak. But you know that in addition to the maintenance and expense that a real teak deck brings, even the most beautiful wood deck will fade over time. Sun, wind, water, and salt are wood’s constant enemies, and boat owners who enjoy the look and feel of a teak deck often spend a fortune trying to maintain its appearance.

Not so with Nuteak. Unlike real teak wood, Nuteak won’t fade over time. Its UV protection and durability mean that your Nuteak deck will continue to look beautiful for years to come.

With its authentic teak look and your choice of black or white caulking, Nuteak decks offer a natural depth of color not found elsewhere. And that color goes all the way down to the core—you can even sand your Nuteak deck without damaging the color or removing the finish. Nuteak’s unique color has been specially-formulated to provide the closest available match to real teak. And unlike other faux-teak options, Nuteak actually darkens rather than fades over time, giving your deck the look of aged and oiled teak. Your Nuteak deck will look so much like real teak that your guests won’t be able to guess the difference—unless you mention how easy it is to care for. With Nuteak, you’ll have the beautiful, lasting color and finish that will make your boat stand out.