The Nuteak Distributor Network

Expand your customer base and increase your profits by becoming a Nuteak distributor or installer!

You want to be able to offer your customers high-quality options for marine decking.

We want to make Nuteak available across the country and worldwide.

Talk about synergy! The Nuteak Distributor Network is the best way to expand your customer base, proving that you are the best distributor in your area for luxury, innovative marine decking solutions. While your competitors may offer only limited decking options, you’ll be able to demonstrate the Nuteak difference with a product that is visually indistinguishable from real teak, but has all the durability and easy maintenance of high-quality synthetic marine flooring.

Imagine the possibilities. Nuteak can be easily washed with soap and water, and can even withstand pressure washing for more stubborn stains or more thorough cleaning. Nicks, dings, and other damage can be simply sanded and buffed away without harming the finish. And Nuteak won’t fade, split, peel, or corrode. You’ll even be able to demonstrate to your customers how Nuteak is thicker (and therefore stronger) than the competition and how the rich color of Nuteak is consistent through the whole piece—even the caulking!

Rarely is there an innovative and high-end product that allows its distributors to so clearly and easily demonstrate its effectiveness. That’s the Nuteak difference, and one we stand behind. And Nuteak comes with a 20-year warranty—a guarantee of reliability and quality that can only help enhance your own reputation as a supplier of the best available decking solutions.

Nuteak is already a recognized and sought after name for synthetic teak boat decking, and our existing distributors can attest to the difference it has made in their own bottom line. Our product speaks for itself, but we’re looking for qualified distributors who want to expand their customer base by offering the best in nautical flooring. We still have a few territories available—don’t miss this chance to capture this advantage over your competition! If you’re interested in the advantages that come with being a Nuteak distributor and/or installer, contact Nuteak today and watch your business profit from the NuTeak difference.

We’re looking for individuals who have:

  • Experience in the boating industry.
  • A deep understanding of the needs and concerns of boat owners.
  • The ability to effectively communicate and demonstrate the many benefits and features of Nuteak.

Do you have what it takes to become a Nuteak distributor/installer?