Application Gallery

Nuteak – All of the benefits of marine teak with none of the hassle

Welcome to the world of possibilities.

You’ve probably thought about the ways that synthetic teak decking would enhance the look of your boat, but you may be surprised at the many different applications that Nuteak offers. We can outfit any area, from the swimming platform to the flying bridge. In fact, NuTeak is so adaptable that we can custom fit just about any part of your boat—no matter how complicated the shape.

And, because Nuteak combines the rich beauty of teak with unmatched durability and ease of maintenance, you’ll find yourself considering so much more than just simple flooring. Imagine a decking solution that has the stunning finish of real teak, but can be easily washed and withstand sun, wind, rain, foot traffic, and whatever else you can throw at it, without diminishing its beauty. That’s why more and more boat owners are choosing Nuteak as their all-purpose marine decking solution.

Click through our gallery and learn more about the many ways you can enjoy the benefits of Nuteak for all your nautical flooring needs.